Shady Canyon Golf Club

Shady Canyon

Nestled in the untamed foothills of southern Irvine, CA, Shady Canyon Golf Club stands as a monument to the game of golf. Considered “one of the finest private clubs in the country,” Shady Canyon’s unspoiled aesthetic, and the delicate manner in which its sprawling expanse is coupled with the natural surroundings of the area, it’s easy to understand why a tee-time on the course or a claim to one of its luxury residences is so prized among those with the necessary means.

As with any clubhouse worthy of the title, the one at Shady Canyon offers members access to a pro shop, dinning, a day spa, banquet facilities and a comfortable lounge…a lounge that was in need of a slight make-over. Part of this tune-up would require a revamp of the lighting for the lounge’s center piece: The Bar.

Shady Canyon

Brian Pera, with Rockefeller Partners Architects, contacted CALI sales rep, Jon Rosen, with Southern California Illumination, and we all began discussing requirements, expectations and budget. Based on Brian’s vision, it was decided that the LLED8200 from our lipLEDs series would provide the necessary combination of beauty, reliability and ease of installation. Our lipLEDs LLED8200 is a dimmable system built around six-inch-long LED modules rated to provide tens of thousands of hours of use, so, down the road, after many years, these modules are easily replaced to keep your lighting online and looking great.

Shady Canyon

Three sections of the bar were to be targeted, plus two newly-added wine coolers on an adjacent wall. First up was the rather impressive tower of liquor shelves claiming most of the wall behind the bar. Its deep, rich wood tones begged for lighting with a color temperature at the lower end of the spectrum, so our LLED8200-LF (LLED8200-L with Frosted lens option) with dimmable 3000K LEDs was the order. The warm, diffused glow the frosted lens provides works well with the hearty oak furniture in the lounge’s dining area, as well as the overall cozy feel of the clubhouse’s interior.

Shady Canyon

With the lighting for the liquor shelves established, the next section to tackle was the front of the bar. To visually tie everything together, our LLED8200-LF was chosen again and mounted beneath the bar’s front lip to bathe the intricately-patterned slate panels, installed along the front and sides of the bar, in the same warm glow.

Shady Canyon

Working with relative certainty that bartenders don’t like mixing drinks in the dark, the final section of the bar to be addressed was the work area behind the bar. The lighting in this area needed be subdued—it couldn’t contaminate the lighting in the other two sections—but still provide plenty of usable light for the staff moving around back there to work safely and effectively. With these factors in mind, our LLED8200-LC (Clear lens option) was chosen with LEDs at the same 3000K color temperature as those used for the first two sections; this ensured all lights would blend together and coexist in the space harmoniously. The clear lens on the LLED8200 used in this section gives the lighting a vibrant, high-energy feeling, and helps get as many lumens as possible out of each LED module.

Shady Canyon

Lastly in this project were the two wine coolers set into a wall next to the bar. The doors on these coolers featured the same rich wood tones as the nearby liquor shelves, and they needed to tie in visually with the lighting used for the bar area, so the LLED8200 was once again installed...this time the UC version with no lens over the LED modules. The lack of a lens allowed the unobstructed light to beam out full strength and fill the cases with the same warm glow established throughout the project.

LIQUOR SHELVES and FRONT OF BAR: lipLEDs LLED8200-LF (LLED8200-L w/ Frosted lens option)
BEHIND BAR: lipLEDs LLED8200-LC (LLED8200-L w/ Clear lens option)
All products featured were ordered with 3000K LEDs.

Rockefeller Partners Architects

SALES REPS: Jon Rosen and Rick Dimarzo
Southern California Illumination

CBR Electric, Inc.

Anthony Wholesale Electric


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